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Facts about Fast Plast A/S

The company
Fast Plast A/S was founded back in 1965 in Thisted by Henning Fast and has throughout the years developed into a leading manufacturer of plastic disposables in a very high quality to customers all over Europe. Fast Plast is a privately owned company and today owned by Managing Director Steen Tandrup. Fast Plast A/S has app. 35 employees and the total factory premises cover app. 10.000 m2.

Fast Plast A/S wants to offer standard as well as custom-made products of high quality within plastic disposables for tableware and plastic packaging to the medicine and food industry. Focus is put on competitive pricing and a high degree of flexibility, including e.g. short lead times and custom-made packaging.

Fast Plast A/S has stopped using the polluting PVC and chosen other raw plastic types with a much lower degree of pollution. By destruction after use of Fast Plast’ products, the plastics are turned into CO2 and water. In this way, Fast Plast A/S is purely letting out harmless water damps during destruction, as CO2 filters are legally prescribed.

Fast Plast A/S delivers products of high quality. The manufacture of the products is carried out on modern machinery, securing a high and very constant quality. This fact combined with the continuous quality inspection made by each operator in the factory, results in a very high degree of certainty as to the product quality experienced by the consumer.

Fast Plast A/S
Vilhelmsborgvej 2
7700 Thisted
Employee contact

Tlf.: [+45] 96 17 21 00
Fax: [+45] 97 91 08 80
CVR: 89 52 88 28